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Your show with Michelle and Bryan did a wonderful job laying out causes for poverty in our nation and the need to develop a social movement to deal with it. I was left with the hope that a subsequent program will lay out the vision and the process for such a movement. I think an interview with David Korten would do this well.

Definite model of radiation action on living cells is still unestablished, however it is known that the “quantity” of radiation, characterized by the absorbed dose (the mean energy imparted to matter per unit mass) is not sufficient to characterize the biological effect, in that equal doses of different radiations lead to different results. Sparsely ionizing radiations, like gamma rays, are less effective than densely ionizing radiations, like slow protons and carbon ions; the capability of ionizing radiation to damage a living cell is indeed closely related to the local energy deposition within relevant subcellular structures, like the chromosomes. An accurate treatment planning should therefore take into account the particle interactions at the micrometer level.

Prodotto da Native Self sufficiency Center, Six Nation Museum, Tracking Project, Tree of Peace Society, Parole di ringraziamento è composto da una serie di brevi testi sia nella lingua dei Iroquois ( Sei Nazioni), che in italiano. Nel loro insieme sono un piccolo poema di ringraziamento nei confronti della natura e di tutto ciò che in lei esiste e vive: animali, acque, piante , il sole, la luna, le stelle, i venti, il tutto espresso con intense semplici parole. Mi è subito venuto in mente San Francesco e il suo Cantico delle creature.

MILAN If Milan based investigators are right, the keys to gangland treasure trove in Calabria were in the pocket of a Jekyll and Hyde figure, a magistrate who had seized almost a billion euros from families. This morning, however, he was arrested in the course of investigations by the Milan anti Mafia directorate on charges of aiding criminals in his role as president of the preventive measures section of the court of Reggio Calabria. Vincenzo Giglio, 51, is also president of the assize court, a leading member of the leftwing Magistratura democratica movement and teaches criminal law at the school of specialisation for legal professionals at the Mediterranea University in Reggio Calabria.

I went to a singing audition for a group years ago. I was waiting my turn, and there was just me and this other bloke left in the waiting room. It was me next on the list, and then him. Times, Sunday Times (2016)What is the correct etiquette for drinking toasts after dinner? Times, Sunday Times (2007)Very good with grilled feta cheese on toast. Times, Sunday Times (2010)Slice the garlic and rub the sourdough toast with the cut side. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Serve with crisp little toasts or use as a relish.

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