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SYNONYMY NOTE: object implies opposition to something because of strong dislike or disapproval [I object to her meddling]; protest implies the making of strong, formal, often written objection to something [they protested the new tax increases]; remonstrate implies protest and argument in demonstrating to another that he or she is wrongor blameworthy [he remonstrated against her hostile attitude]; expostulate suggests strong, earnest pleading or argument to change another’s views or actions[I expostulated with him about his self sacrifice]; demur implies the raising of objections or the taking of exception so as to delay action[I demurred at her proposal to dine out] OPPOSITES: agree, consent, acquiesceWebster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition.Money is no object to her but it is definitely not her main motivation. The Sun (2016)He had top people and money was no object. Times, Sunday Times (2016)He objected strongly to new building.

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The financial collapse at the end of the Bush Admin. Brought this country to its knees. Eight years of deregulation and Bush tax cuts which were designed to create jobs, stimulate the economy did the exact opposite and were disastrous for the country.

Following the Zika virus epidemic that swept across Brazil between 2015 2016, Dr. Julia Clarke and her team begun working to establish the long term effects of Zika, and recently discovered that TNF a inhibitors can be used to prevent microencephaly. Researchers create new modeling framework that takes a zoonotic perspective on Ebola.

After about 10 weeks you can start feeding pullets (young hens) about 10 percent scratch grain (a mix of small grain and cracked corn) and 90 percent mash to lower the total protein a bit. That’s as rancid a set of entrails as was ever extracted from a Roman pullet. They are wonderful eggs, gloriously random, massive great things alongside tiny pullets’ eggs, round ones, tall thin ones, brown, white, speckled.

Sacrosanta chiesa cattolica, quindi, dichiara apertamente che, da quel tempo, tutti quelli che osservano la circoncisione, il sabato e le altre prescrizioni legali, sono fuori della fede di Cristo, e non possono partecipare della salvezza eterna, a meno che non si ricredano finalmente dei loro errori. E afferma che la differenza tra cibi puri e impuri della legge mosaica deve considerarsi cerimoniale e che col sopravvenire del Vangelo è passata e ha perso efficacia. Anche la proibizione degli apostoli delle cose immolate ai simulacri, del sangue e delle carni soffocate (Atti 15,29) era adatta al tempo in cui dai giudei e gentili, che prima vivevano praticando diversi riti e secondo diversi costumi, sorgeva una sola chiesa.

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