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Why are tongues and miracles not in every church?You still did not answer the question about your view on tongues and miracles. If these gifts exist for the purpose of building up the local body, as you assert, why do we not see them in every local body? Does God not want most churches to be edified? Isn it the Spirit who gives these gifts freely? Why is it that only those congregations that are coached to expect and desire these manifestations have them when this is not what we see in the NT? Again, I am not going to try to discount any supposed prophet and his miracles. I don know the man and I am not in a position to claim you or this prophet are being false.

2189KbAbstractLe sorgenti X ultraluminose (Ultraluminous X ray Sources, ULXs) sono inter come oggetti compatti in accrescimento in galassie esterne. La loro supera il limite di Eddington per un buco nero di 10 Msun. La recente di tre ULXs pulsanti fa ritenere che in questo caso l’oggetto com sia una stella di neutroni con un elevato campo magnetico B (B > 12 G).

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