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Indeed, if this century proves one thing, it is the futility of politics. Even the most dogmatic believer in historical determinism would have a hard time explaining the social transformations of this century as caused by the headline making political events, or the headline making political events as caused by the social transformations. But it is the social transformations, like ocean currents deep below the hurricane tormented surface of the sea, that have had the lasting, indeed the permanent, effect.

1657KbAbstractThe purpose of the paper is to describe the phenomenon of the italian delisting firms. We examine the corporations that voluntarely delist from Borsa Italiana in the period 1995 2015. The analysis allows to conclude that in Italy the companies often private without a long term strategy.

American companies aren’t especially known for their generosity to the UK Exchequer. Starbucks, Amazon and Google paid zero, and respectively in UK corporate taxes last year. By comparison, Bank of America looks like a golden goose from North Carolina.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)The bond has since lost 15 % of its value as the yield has climbed to nearly 3.5 %. Times, Sunday Times (2016)This would yield any necessary information when and only when it was needed. Christopher Ross TUNNEL VISIONS: Journeys of an Underground Philosopher (2001)Only aerobic fermentation yields a product with all the beneficial effects on soils and plants.

I stumbled through an immaterial veil to the world on the Other Side of (it can happen) Here. It not that very bad things hadn happened to me before, very bad things had, but they were things you read about in novels or saw in movies, terrible things that made sense in a terrible way, things your nervous system was trained to believe. This was news I couldn find a place to put, still can even after Montreal, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Red Lake, Fort Hood, Oak Creek, Newtown, and whatever comes next..

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