Golden Goose Japan

Il 19 settembre apre a Milano, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, il nuovo store adidas dedicato al mondo dello sportswear. Nella settimana precedente all’inaugurazione (dal 12 settembre), inoltre, è prevista una vera e propria adidas sport week: in programma una serie di attività sportive aperte alla città e al pubblico legate ai tre sport focus dello store training, running e football con allenamenti esclusivi, atleti e asset sportivi (tutti i dettagli e dove registrarsi qui). Davanti alle vetrine del nuovo center un video wall di 6 metri permetterà alle persone di competere con l’avatar del proprio personaggio sportivo preferito, da Andrew Howe a Simona Quadarella.

The Sun (2014)The dramatic drop is the biggest in four years. The Sun (2012)All such legal action will be dropped as part of the agreement. Times, Sunday Times (2008)We let our heads drop and there was no excuse for it. Poor results in the build up to the tournament were ignored, a spirit of “it’ll be alright on the night” taking over. “Perhaps we believed that we would turn things around after the friendlies,” admitted Joachim Low after their elimination. “But that wasn’t the case.” No it wasn’t..

Times, Sunday Times (2009)His opponents in the party lie low and bide their time. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They represent tenacity and overcoming opponents after a fight. Times, Sunday Times (2007)City will be feeling it a lot more than their opponents in their next two games and that is dangerous.

Fedeli, B. Lani, A. Morganti, L. The Sun (2012)The landing area is small and hard to hit. Times, Sunday Times (2013)The forces that hit you in the entertainment industry can be powerful. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Who really wrote that hit single? Times, Sunday Times (2015)It is very easy to have a hit play on Broadway.

Sadly, these children friendly areas have always been a hunting ground for perverts and pedophiles. Almost every virtual kid land in history has had to deal with online perverts. I personally would like to see more efforts and resources devoted to identification and life long treatment (sadly, there is no real it a lifelong issue) for the individuals who display pedophilia, as described in the secondary story about the 6 y/o invited to a private room.

So I doing an update as I never been to the Summit late night. Well, not only does it deliver for low key day drinking but late night on a Saturday is also a fabulous time. It a good scene, low key but not too too hipster and there was enough room for our crew of 9 to grab some elbow room.

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